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ap•plied ac•a•dem•ics

         /əˈplīd akəˈdemiks/ 

1.    An approach that focuses on how academic subjects and research can apply to the real world. Further, applied academics can be viewed as theoretical knowledge supporting practical applications.


the founder


Decisions of mine are rarely made in haste, a blessing and a curse. Analysis to the nth degree and a natural skeptic, I want the proof in the pudding.

My approach to work and life is simple. It's a dedication to education and continuous improvement, personally and professionally. Never stop learning. Always ask why. Never stop getting better.

From those lines of analysis and approach, I bring our Registered Investment Adviser firm to you.

I've taken all of the experience, research and education I have accumulated since entering this industry in 1999 to create a firm that can properly serve our clients, in a fashion up to my standards, applying everything that we've learned to benefit you, our client.

My vision is to create a client experience so exceptional that worrying about breakfast is what has our clients losing sleep, not their investments or financial future.

Certified Financial Planner by day, Certified Awesome Dad in life, it would be my honor to serve you.