Our Investment Process and Philosophy


The formula for investing success is dependent on the commitment and adherence to a process.  Investment Discipline

In today's environment, that success is predicated on two tasks; developing a disciplined, sustainable investment approach and incorporating a robust method that can adjust to situation and circumstance.

Stewards to our clients financial success, we employ an evidence-based, academically vetted and a beautifully simple yet sophisticated process.

Our Process Does:

  • Integrate academic research and new developments in investing and finance.

  • Utilize tax-efficient approaches and tactics.

  • Provide broad and diversified exposure to all markets.

  • Emphasize the importance of low fees.

  • Tailor investment plans to each individual client.

  • Use strategies that may perform well in any market.

  • Capitalize on the behavioral mistakes of others.

Our Process Does Not:

  • Incorporate speculation, intuition or subjective bias.

  • Necessitate active or frequent trading or changes.

  • Include actively managed funds that rely on the managers professed skill.

  • Use individual or concentrated positions.

  • Charge any commissions, fees or loads outside of the signed advisory agreement

  • Change course based on headlines or sentiment.


We combine the best approaches of traditional portfolios and incorporate adaptable rules-based formulas to reduce downside exposure when the conditions merit, a two pronged approach.


Traditional Portfolio Core

A traditional buy and hold approach that incorporates academic findings and research throughout all asset classes.

Our core portfolio provides broad based exposure to stocks, bonds, real assets and alternatives to create globally diversified portfolios.  The portfolios are designed with a hyper-sensitivity to cost, a focus on maintaining consistent exposure to given market segments within a passive framework, and the application of academically proven premiums.  


Adaptable Rules Based Strategy

 Operating as a purely mechanical (not subjective) asset allocation strategy, our process looks at the price of markets to make decisions, independently deciding whether to participate in rising, or disengage from falling markets.  

With no concern about headlines, valuations, market sentiment, interest rates, or seasonal patterns,  it focuses on what the market is currently doing, as opposed to speculating  what it should do based on various external influences.