The best investment strategy is unequivocally the one you can stick with

Understanding Financial Risk Tolerance

People usually cannot immediately describe their attitudes to risk, because it is not something that they generally think about. This profile helps to draw out those experiences, feelings and attitudes and guide you in your financial decision-making.

Risk tolerance is a personal trait - partly down to genetics and partly down to life experiences. It is a 'stable' part of our personality, which means that over time we tend to stay who we are.

Typically, risk tolerance does decrease slowly with age and may be changed by major life events, good or bad. This means that your risk tolerance should be retested every two or three years and also after any major life event.

Your risk tolerance profile is built using 'psychometrics', which is a combination of psychology and statistics. The science of creating psychometric questionnaires is very complex, which is why it took many years of academic work to create and road-test this questionnaire. But the results are simple - you will get a clear and accurate 'picture' of exactly who you are and where you 'fit' on that scale of very conservative to high risk taker.

The best investment strategy is unequivocally the one you can stick with.  This 25 question survey (10 minutes) will help us answer that question, together.



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